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Continuing Education Course:
Disclosures (MA & NH)

Come learn what the state considers to be ‘material’ facts or defects. BEWARE – disclosing some facts could get you in big trouble. The requirements differ whether you are the Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, or a non-agent representative.

Business representative

Class Cost: $25

Class Dates: Select the 'Register Now' button for the next course dates. 

Class Times: 12 – 2pm

Class Venue: Online

Class Instructor: Tom Heany, Approved MA & NH Real Estate Instructor

  • Our instructors are practicing real estate brokers, with over 30 years of experience.

  • Interactive learning experience – ask questions & have valuable discussions with the instructor and other students

  • E-Books & multiple practice exams are included in the cost of the course

  • Enjoy learning comfortably and remotely

  • Equipment Required: devices with internet connection, video & audio capabilities. (smart phones, iphone, ipad, laptop, desktop, etc.)

  • FREE – unlimited refresher classes before you take your exam for up to 2 years


Class Summary

Agents must always keep “OLDCAR” in mind! Agents are responsible for what they should have known. If you don’t identify the source of information, YOU are that source! Chapter 93A requires upfront disclosure of materials facts & defects. Is it going to be your word against the sellers, or will you CYA by getting theSeller’s Property Condition Disclosure completed?


What can you say to prospective buyer’s? What can’t you say? When should you say it? How should it be said? These aspects are all very critical in your success of properly representing the property & your client. Material facts and defects must be disclosed to consumers upfront; prior to submitting an offer. Come learn what the state considers to be ‘material’ facts or defects. BUT BEWARE – disclosing some facts could get you in big trouble. The requirements differ whether you are the Buyer’s Agent or the Listing Agent.



MA – (RE91R14)

NH – (PE0005)


CREDITS: 2 Credits per state



Tom Heany, Approved MA & NH Real Estate Instructor


All certificates will be sent within 7 days of class completion. If you do not receive it by this timeframe, please check your spam folder. Should you need your certificates sooner, please email Scott Gordon at:


The National Real Estate Academy prides itself on delivering a unique learning experience. You will learn how to prepare for the exam through group discussions, break-out sessions, practice tests, and fun games. Students' educational experiences are further enhanced with guest lectures from mortgage & legal experts from time to time. Classes are taught by real estate professionals who bring their real-world experiences to the classroom. Students learn much more than what is on the test. They learn how to survive in the industry and have thriving real estate careers.


If you can’t make all of the scheduled dates, students can make up missed classes.

Online class attendees are required to have their cameras turned on themselves and be actively engaged for the entirety of the course. Audio must also be available for class discussions. The NREA reserves the right to cause attendees to be removed temporarily or permanently from class(es) should the instructor(s) deem at their sole discretion, an attendee to be disruptive, noncompliant, or disrespectful to others.


*Note: when you purchase a ticket to this event, it includes all of the course dates in the event confirmation.  All payments are non-refundable.


Questions? Call: 508-737-3567 or email:

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