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Do I need any previous real estate experience prior to taking the salesperson pre-licensure courses?

No previous real estate experience is required to partake in these courses

What is the difference between a Real Estate Salesperson and a Real Estate Broker?

One must become a licensed salesperson (minimum age of 18,) and work for a licensed broker for three years before they may take the necessary broker course and exam. A salesperson must always work under a licensed broker whereas a licensed broker may work for themselves and hire additional salespeople to work for them.

How do I register for a course?

Visit our Courses page and select the course type you are interested in registering for. Select the Register Now button to check available dates and to register.

What happens if I miss a class or am unable to complete the pre-licensure course?

The state of MA requires that 40 hours of instruction be completed. If a class is missed due to unforeseen circumstances, consideration will be given to make up the missed time, or the option of attending that portion of the next session is available, as well. Every effort should be made to attend all scheduled classes. There are NO refunds for class registrations.

What is the next step after completing the Salesperson Pre-Licensure course?

Once you have completed your course you will receive a certificate that allows you to take the state exam. The fee for the exam is $101 and it is paid to the testing service when you call to make an appointment for the exam over the phone. The Division of Professional Licensure does not allow real estate schools to give out this number before a student finishes their course. Salesperson students have up to 2 years to pass the state exam from your date of completion. After 2 years, you must re-enroll and take the course over again.

What can I expect when taking the Salesperson Licensure exam?

The Exam is conducted on the computer at either 8am or 1pm. Each student is given 4 hours to complete the exam. On average, it takes most people between 2 and 2 ½ hours to finish. The exam is divided into 2 parts. The 1st section is the General portion and it consists of 80 questions. The 2nd section is the Massachusetts State Law portion and it consists of 40 questions. You must score 70% in each section in order to pass the exam. If you pass one portion, but not the other, you only need to retake the section you failed. The retake fee is $56.

What happens when I pass my Salesperson Licensure exam?

 Upon passing the exam you will need to pay for your license. The license fee is prorated according to your birthday and will range from $103 to $150. Your first license will be active until your next birthday plus 2 years. You will be issued your license right on the spot!

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